Early History of Amenia, by Newton Reed, was originally published in 1875. In its 4th printing in 1975, a collection of essays, “Impressions by Dewey Barry” was added. Our new 5th edition includes, for the first time, photos and maps. It may be purchased through the historical society.

In Early History of Amenia, our celebrated 19th century historian, Newton Reed, captured soon-to-be-lost information about those persons who settled in Amenia prior to 1800. He described the growth of each hamlet, its church and its industry. He documented the part Amenia played in the Revolutionary War and in the founding of this country.

A century later, Amenia was blessed to have a local historian, Dewey Barry, who submitted his well-researched essays to the Harlem Valley Times for publication. Curious stories, often unearthed in old newspapers, led Barry to do a thorough investigation of the details and to produce entertaining, yet authentic, versions of the tales. These stories were added to Newton Reed’s book in its 4th edition.

Another book of historical value and available through AHS is The Amenia Cookbook. It is a delightful read, not only filled with favorite recipes, but also with historical tidbits and candid photographs of Amenia’s families and friends. This is no ordinary town cookbook. It is a cookbook, plus history, and makes a great gift for anyone.

To order either of these books, contact Maureen Moore at 

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