The Amenia Historical Society was established in 1969. Its mission has been to preserve Amenia’s history by maintaining an archive of family and topical files containing documents, photos and memorabilia. The Society also strives to promote Amenia’s long and rich history through programs, community events, and publications.

The AHS genealogy committee is busy answering requests for information regarding former Amenia residents. Although much data is available online, our family files often provide helpful information in answering questions from researchers. Betsy Strauss, our genealogy chairperson, may be contacted by email at strausshouse72@gmail.com

In the past few years, several genealogy requests have led to the discovery of interesting stories, for example, an Irish immigrant lad who became a legendary hero in Amenia; a missing Amenia gravestone of 1787 found near Albany; a Civil War soldier’s journal; and most recently, a visitor from Nagaland, India, who came to say thank you for the missionary couple who went to India in 1868 and brought about a transformation among her people. Some of these fascinating stories have provided excellent material for AHS programs and community events.

The Amenia Historical Society needs more members, who are interested in local history and who enjoy getting involved with programs and ongoing projects. To join AHS today, click the link below and print the membership form. Send it, with a check for dues, to the AHS address on the form.

For further information, email Maureen Moore at mmoore1776@aol.com.

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  1. J. David Zimmerman

    On November 27, 1778 my 4th great-grandfather, passed through Amenia NY from Sharon CT on his way to Fishkill NY. He was Brunswick soldier captured at Saratoga, and after a year near Boston, was on his way to incarceration in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you like, I will provide you with a newly produced document describing his journey. I credited people from Amenia for their help on an earlier version. I remain, VTY, JDZ

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    1. AHS would be glad to receive the story of your ancestor who was captured at Saratoga and walked through Amenia on his was to Fishkill. Please send the document to Betsy Strauss, strausshouse72@gmail.com. Or if you prefer to mail a hard copy, you may send it to PO Box 22, Amenia, NY 12501. This will be a great addition to our archives, as we have nothing like it at present.
      Betsy Strauss


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